Embroidery and Brocade

February 1, 2017
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Embroidery and Brocade

Embroidery and Brocade

Unique Embroidery:

Following in the footsteps of individuality and uniqueness, emojis, which have been allover apparel in recent months,  will morph into a more sophisticated way of expressing one’s fashion uniqueness.

If you have been following fashion’s recent trajectory, you have already seen huge trends with lace, and velvet.
Following in the vein of textiles which have dimension and texture, it’s natural for the next trend to become brocades and embroideries.
As seen in the photos, embroideries will have a lighter feel during the spring and summer and deepen for autumn winter.
Brocades will also trend toward florals with metallic notes in the Spring, and become richer, more burnished and abstract for the autumn/winter 2018.

Whichever look suits you, enjoy adding that little bit of something extra which amps up the wattage of your signature style, as we do at Ultra Pink.

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