Mini History of the Maxi Dress

January 13, 2017
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Mini History of the Maxi Dress

Mini History of the Maxi Dress

The Maxi Dress has become a women’s wardrobe essential, though it was no accident. In the 1960′s high end fashion designer, Oscar de la Renta set out to design something that would be gracing the ankles of fashionable people all over the world. He succeeded in his quest, by 1968 he had the New York Times praising his design and millions wearing it.

70's Maxi Dresses

Oscar De La Renta’s first maxi dresses

Some of De La Renta's earliest designs 

Some of De La Renta’s earlier designs

During the beginning of the 1970s YSL, Dior, Halston, Biba, Ossie Clark and Cardin hopped on board the maxi train and all came out with their own stunning versions of the trend. Lace and cotton gave way to bohemian look and prints, included vibrant paisleys. The Moroccan caftan also came into vogue lending an exotic and hippie chic look. During the 1970s the maxi made a cameo appearance on the disco floor but slinkier in form with platform heels and disco ball earrings- hello, 70s!

A traditional 1970s Maxi in Vogue. 

A traditional 1970’s Maxi in Vogue.

By the 80′s the Maxi Dress reign was over, being taken over by shoulder pads and playsuits. Come the 90′s, grunge and mini skirts left no room for the casual elegance of the maxi.

Thankfully, in recent years the maxi dress has made it’s come back.

For two decades the maxi disappeared as other fashion trends became mainstays but now they are back to stay (at least for awhile). The maxi of the 60s and 70s had more lace and went down to the ankles. The maxi of 2014 is a bit longer- almost touching the floor, and the fabrics are soft and luxurious. This style has always been a trend to take fashion from day to night without skipping a beat. Lunch and shopping to dinner in the city.

A modern and flowey Ralph Lauren maxi 

A modern and flowey Ralph Lauren maxi

It’s shocking to think this style of dress has only graced us for a short few decades. From the beginning making it’s debut on the runways in Paris to gathering dirt on it’s hemline at music festivals to now countless looks, the maxi dress is without a doubt an ageless item of clothing that every woman should own.

Whether you are looking for something to attend the next big gala evening, scrummaging together a boho-chic look or simply trying to escape the heat whilst still looking like a trendsetter, there is no denying that the mass amount of women worldwide now go to the maxi dress.

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