Pussycat Bow Blouses

February 21, 2017
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Pussycat Bow Blouses

In the mid 1970’s, when a new generation of women began to enter the workforce in droves, in order to be taken seriously, they had to ‘dress’ in a certain manner.

Business suits were the sartorial expression for the majority. To soften the look, a silky blouse with a large soft bow was worn under a very structured jacket.

Flash forward 40 years and a new century later, we now have freedom of expression in the workforce and the only people who wear ‘ uniforms’ are those whose jobs require them to.

Fashion has been dipping its toe and splashing its foot in the 1970’s for some time.

The Pussycat Bow Blouse is making a return and will be a larger trend in Autumn/ Winter 2017-2018

At Ultra Pink, we have our interpretations of this, office appropriate and softly feminine.

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